Series: 12th National Catholic Singles Conference (2013)
Track Number: 3
Speaker: Fr. Thomas Loya
Published on: February 28th, 2017

What does it mean to be a man? Fr. Loya goes back to the beginning with the creation of the first man and brings us up to date with the current media attack on manhood and fatherhood.

Why is fatherhood being attacked? Who’s behind it and why? How have men been negatively impacted? Fr. Loya looks for answers to our questions by taking a look at the masculine body and mind. What does the design of the masculine body have to say about the purpose of men? How does the male brain function differently from the female brain?

Fr. Loya tells men the reason why they are men and what men are called to do. We discover what man’s mission is and learn how he can see as God sees, especially when it comes to how to see women. This is an insightful and helpful presentation for men and women alike.

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