Series: 13th National Catholic Singles Conference (2014)
Track Number: 3
Speaker: John LaBriola
Published on: February 14th, 2017

All of us somehow manage to live our lives in spite of the fact that our hearts are wounded. In fact, for most of us, our wounds have become our “friends” and we have forgotten how much better our lives would be without them.

John helps us to take inventory of our wounds so that we can present them to God for healing. His talk is an exhortation to take the “bull by the horns” and deal with our issues.

A lot of our wounds are infected by lies - in particular, that God does not love us. John talks about the need for healing and boldly encourages all to seek it. The evil one is no friend - but with faith, riveted in the love of the Living God, we can bring wholeness to our wounded hearts.

Having worked in this area of ministry for years, John’s expertise and the joy and confidence he has, can be felt and is encouraging to all - no matter what your place in life.

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