Series: 2nd National Forum on the Theology of the Body (2005)
Track Number: 2
Speaker: Suzanne Baars
Published on: April 4th, 2022

What is the vocation of Woman? How can authentic femininity impact the world?

In this talk, given at the 2nd National Forum on the Theology of the Body, Suzanne Baars speaks on how authentic femininity is the heart of Christian culture. In the 20th century the meaning of authentic femininity has been blurred both in the secular world and in the church. Femininity is a gift from God to us, and it is a gift women give to others. Women can make a positive contribution to the world and society without abandoning their femininity.

Christ’s method of formation was to use persons to form other persons. The gift of feminine receptivity sees and senses the uniqueness of other persons. It is the vocation of woman to carry the spirit of Christ everywhere.

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